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  •   We have Oregons full service hot tub repair solution center. Hot tub repair service includes Portland hot tub repair, Beaverton hot tub repair, Hillsboro hot tub repair, Forest Grove hot tub repair, Banks hot tub repair, Lake Oswego hot tub repair, Cannon Beach hot tub repair, Tillamook hot tub repair, Salem hot tub repair, St Helens hot tub repair, Newberg Hot tub repair service.Our hot tub repair technicians have a minimum of 23 years experience  repairing hot tubs. That means we have come across just about every spa control, pump, circuit board, heater, jet,  made in the last 30 years. Service for all hot tub brands including  Hot Spring Spa repair, Sundance Spa repair, Jacuzzi Hot Tub repair, Cal Spa repair, Marquis Spa repair, Master Spa repair,  Clearwater Spa repair, Costco Spa repair, LA Spar repair   hot tub repair oregon. Our professional technicians can assess your spa, diagnose any problems it may have and repair them as needed. Oregon hot tub repair service Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Banks, Lake Oswego, Seaside, Tillamook, Salem, St Helens, Newberg Hot tub repair service. We service all areas in Oregon. 



We service and repair all brands of hot tubs
Including (but not limited to)Jacuzzi,Marquis, Artesian, Hot Springs, Sundance, Tiger River, LA Spas and Caldera Spas as well as equipment brands Pentair, Raypak, Hayward, Balboa and Jandy to name a few.
Heater Repair   
      Hot tub heater not working? It could be a bad heating element, thermostat, high limit switch, pressure switch, flow switch, bad circuit board  or something simple like a clogged filter. Better schedule one of our service technicians to come out and diagnose the real problem,  rather than waste time trying to figure it out yourself!
Pump Repair                                                                                                                                               
  Whether your pump is making a weird sound or water is leaking out of it we can help Our Service Technician's are trained to   save you money and extend the life of your pump.  If in fact  your pump needs to be replaced, we install quality pumps from Pentair, Waterways, A.O. Smith, backed by factory warranties.

Leak Repair           

Our Technicians often find leaks in equipment, plumbing, jets and more. Leaks are generally easy to fix, but can sometimes be labor  intensive. Our technicians are trained to inform you where the leaks are coming from, how difficult they are to get to, and what it will  take to repair them. They will also give you their honest, professional opinion and tell you when you will spend more money fixing a spa  than what it is worth! We are the hot tub leak repair experts in the Portland area.

Spa Controls, Circuit Boards and Electronics Repair    
                                                                                                                                                               Our Technicians are well versed in all types of Hot tub controls, circuit boards and electronics. From the old-school analog controls, to sophisticated programmable controls that interface with your home automation system, if you are getting an error code on your spa  control, we can tell you what it means and help you fix it. We can order parts and  get you back up  and running again, so that after a day of mountain biking or skiing, you don't have to miss out on a nice long, hot soak in your spa!

Blower Repair

Do your jets not seem to have as much power as they once did? It's possible that the blower needs to be replaced.   Our professional technicians will replace your spa blower and restore your spa experience.

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By Erin Ansley | 10.14.2011 Pool & Spa News


James Sturgeon is used to receiving calls from spa owners and technicians seeking repair advice.

But he was a bit shocked recently when a customer asked him to fix a hot tub nearly 1,000 miles north in Albany, N.Y. Perhaps more surprising was the oversized — and completely unexpected — package he discovered on his doorstep a few days later.

“I asked him to send me a picture,” said Sturgeon, the owner of Alpharetta, Ga.-based Premier Hot Tubs. “Instead, I came into the shop and found this huge box waiting for me. The guy actually overnighted his entire control system.”

The frustrated customer had paid four different technicians to fix the unit and patch a crack in the heater of his 1980s-era hot tub, and finally turned to Sturgeon after all other attempts failed. Sturgeon knew right away how to fix the problem with the heater. “‘Man, you can’t patch that,’ I said. And I told him he needed a new heater tank. With something like that, it’s all you can do.” The cost to ship and repair the unit, which included replacing the heater, blower motor and relay, totaled nearly $1,000. But to the customer, it was worth every penny. “He was happier than a kitten following a leaky cow!” he recalls.

This may be an extreme example, but Sturgeon has noticed a 25 percent increase over the last two years in calls from people who couldn’t find qualified technicians to fix their equipment. 

Other veteran industry members agree that these cases are on the rise.

Miguel Barajas is one of four full-time spa techs at American Spa Services in Chatsworth, Calif., a suburb of Los Angeles. Typically he has a route of four-to-six customers a day.

Barajas often finds that inexperienced techs will replace multiple parts on a spa — costing the customer hundreds of dollars —  only to discover it still isn’t functioning properly. Moreover, some of these technicians will leave with a part in hand and never return, Barajas says. He attributes this to untrained pool technicians looking for a piece of the spa-pie, or former hot tub dealers who believe they can fix a spa, since they used to sell them.

But the quantity of incompetence in the field has been a boon for American Spa Services. Recently, the company added a maintenance division, and it’s considering an expansion into Orange County due to the rising number of daily calls received from that area, which is more than 65 miles away.

Across the country, Lou Vitulli, owner of V & V Spa Service in Hagerstown, Md., has observed a similar trend.
His three-man team provides repair and maintenance throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia, an area that has seen many spa dealers close their doors. After going out of business, a number of former owners took a chance with spa service, and called old customers to land repair gigs. But when their lack of knowledge became apparent, the clients turned to companies with proven track records, Vitulli says.

Although his business has grown as a result of these “correction calls,” Vitulli would rather it not happen at all. “This problem diminishes the integrity of the service industry and makes us all look unprofessional,” he says.

The situation is compounded by ads posted on Websites such as Craigslist, where consumers shop for lower service rates. All too often, techs with little-to-no training undercut legitimate professionals by 20 to 40 percent.

“Go on Craigslist, search for spas and you’ll always see someone offering cheap repair,” says Jeff Clouser, owner of Alcoy’s Spa Service in Lindenwold, N.J. “It’s not a level playing field,” he says

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