Hot tub renovation work is ideal for giving an existing hot tub a new lease on life.

Hot tub reconditioning and renovation make up a significantly large portion of our work, as new advances in hot tub technology produce improved cleaning systems, natural sanitation systems, more energy efficient.  These ultra-modern developments allow older hot tubs to be updated to the latest design in heating, sanitation and hydrotherapy. fairly easily, and in less time than you might think.

Because of our extensive experience in hot tub renovation projects, our team is able to offer a massive range of services to provide you with a hot tub that not only looks  and works great, but comes with   service that brings complete peace of mind.

As a company, we have a duty to provide you with a renovation that you will be proud of. Whether it’s fun with the kids during the holidays or a social event with friends and family, we want you to be able to use your hot tub  for years of worry free relaxation

Our high quality craftsmanship allows us to make a host of extensive  upgrades available:
Expert   repair experience in all hot tub brands.  Safety-orientated  replacement and refurbishing
lights, music, fountains and waterfalls for a luxurious touch
Installation of pumping systems, filtration, ozone and heating

Shell repairs and renovation work.

When we begin a  hot tub renovation project, our skilled team will be focused on delivering a full modernization process that will not only save you valuable time and money but also provide a hot tub that maximizes existing space for improved comfort and safety.

Our comprehensive service includes luxury  upgrades. Light systems are very popular with many of our customers. We can also provide some breathtaking cosmetic solutions to your  hot tub with a full spectrum of color-change lighting, exotic waterfalls and spectacular fountains.

Our hot tub renovation service begins with a full analysis and consultation. We want you to be an essential part of the project from the moment we arrive and our team will work alongside you to make sure all of your requirements are met.

  Your hot tub will be thoroughly inspected We’ll also take care of all installations including heating and filtration equipment, automated  cleaners and pumping systems to ensure your hot tub renovation project is a seamless transition. Our commitment to overall outstanding quality means that we work with the best brands available to provide a finished project that will last for many years to come.

The result will be a totally modern transformation that adds a dynamic new look and feel to your hot tub. Once we’re finished, all debris will be removed and disposed of for your convenience.

Our reputation in hot tub renovation work has established us as a leader in our industry, and we continue to earn glowing testimonials from our growing customer base.

We look forward to providing you with a  hot tub renovation project that affords excellent customer service, premium quality materials and the highest standards of workmanship.